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Calix Solutions

If you’re like most, you use the same device to buy and store your cryptos as you do for your social media and emails accounts. While this may be convenient, leaving yourself vulnerable and getting hacked is not.

A Crypto-only laptop solution is the assured way to keep the hackers out and keep you focused on making more income. Calix Solutions delivers laptops designed with your cryptocurrency transactions and safety in mind. They build out laptops for the sole purpose of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The laptops available are MacBook Air, the Dell Inspiron, and the Lenovo IdeaPad. Calix Solutions also provides support for their laptops. That support focuses on making sure the wallets and exchanges you choose are functioning properly.

Click here to order yours and learn more.


Fold App

Earn bitcoin cashback rewards with Fold. Use the Fold Visa Debit card as well as buy gift cards through the Fold app to earn bitcoin on everyday purchases.

Fold App

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Caleb & Brown

Looking to purchase a large amount of Bitcoin? Don’t go to an exchange, use an OTC (Over The Counter).

Create an account at Caleb & Brown. Caleb & Brown is the leading personalized cryptocurrency brokerage firm giving you a strategic advantage to achieve your investment goals.


Caleb and Brown


Websitemuse specializes in building and hosting unique, SEO driven websites. Our goal is to create high quality, affordable websites for small businesses/companies. We not only build your website, we host and maintain your website, keeping it up to date, secure, and relevant. We do all of this affordably. We don’t just help you build a website. We help you create your business.

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Hey Red Communications

We creatively, analytically, and collaboratively lead small to mid-size business grow through strategic marketing planning and tactics. We give you the time and guidance you deserve with no judgement on budget or business size, whether you’re just starting out with a LinkedIn profile or are part of an organizations dedicated marketing department. We bring a set of unbiased eyes in strategizing and creating your marketing programs and operations, your brand message, and marketing look and feel. We can help build and hire your internal marketing department and even conduct audits ensuring you are getting your money’s worth out of your current vendors and programs. We are in it together. Simply stated, Hey Red Communications helps grow your business.